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Which filter should I choose, asthma, sport or racing?
If you suffer from asthma, cold-induced asthma, angina or COPD we recommend you to use the asthma filter. The asthma filter is also suitable for indoor use when you want to relieve cold symptoms.

If you are exercising or work in cold and wind we recommend the sport filter. If you train hard and want to have less air resistance, you should use the racing filter.

What is the difference between the different filters?
The filters give different air resistance and heat.

Asthma filters:
High humidity and heat

Sports filters:
Normal humidity and heat

Racing filters 1, 2 and 3:
lower wind resistance and lower humidity and heat. No 3 have the least wind resistance and warmth.

How do I change filter?
It is easy to change filters in the mask. Tap the filter’s plastic casing (the frame that holds the filter) from the inside of the mask and let the filter fall out of the mask. Then insert the new filter, with the bay outward, from the inside of the mask and make sure that the filter seal tightly around the opening.

How long can I use my filters?
We recommend that you replace your filters with new ones once a season but it depends on how often you use your Airtrim. Some people change filters every season while other use the same filters longer.

How do I get rid of condensation on the filter when using the mask?
When using the mask during a long time condensation occurs in the filter. Make it a habit to once in awhile blow the moisture out with a sharp exhalation. Let the mask and filter air-dry after use.

Hos do I clean my Airtrim?
The mask can be cleaned with warm water but be sure to remove the filter first. The filter needs not to be cleaned after use, just leave it air-dry at room temperature.

Should I lend Airtrim to others?
Airtrim is personal equipment. Do not lend the mask to others due to the risk of infection.

Can I use Airtrim as a protective mask, when i.e. waxing?
Airtrim is NOT a protective mask against i.e. solvents or dust and can not be used as respiratory protection for ski waxing.


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